Scott Peterson – A Line In The Sand

Location: Round Table Pizza, 2065 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa

Time & Date: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 @ 7:30 PM (Social hour and free beer for members at 6:30)

Directions: From Highway 101 at Santa Rosa go west on Highway 12 to Stony Point Road Exit. Go straight from the middle lane at the light onto Occidental Road. The Round Table Pizza is on the right just down the road.

Scott “Plaid” Peterson is a self described adventure climber, who in 2016 and 2017, established a first ascent with legendary aid climber Richard Jensen on the Cottontail Tower in the Fisher Towers outside of Moab, Utah. They spent three weeks cleaning, jugging, engineering creative placements, and straining sand through bandannas covering their mouths to finish the first three pitches. Richard led the spicy first two pitches, the crux of the route, consisting of hooking on holes followed by traversing terrain with very little gear that could sustain a fall. Scott led the third pitch, which began with rock so hard it bent pitons. The layers forming the Fisher Towers change in density every ten feet or so from very dense rock to the consistency of kitty litter. The remainder of the third pitch featured crumbly knobs and irregular edges that Scott hooked with Richard’s homemade hooks he calls “claws.”

They returned the following year and faced a series of chandeliered mud curtains. There was nothing Richard could do but hack away and dig under these hanging horrors. As the 30 to 40 pound globs fell to the ground they looked like meteors with a swirling plume of dirty smoke trailing all the way to the ground. They also suffered through an offwidth chimney, which they bolted with 3/8-inch bolts and hangers so that it can be free climbed in the future. The summit pitch finished on the tail of the Cottontail.

They named their 10-pitch route “Line in the Sand”. They decided to rate the route BLT because all aid ratings are subjective, especially in the Fisher Towers where the first ascent experience can’t be replicated. If pressed, it would suffice to say the route is hard aid. For those adventurers willing to suffer in order to scale bizarre and unexpected rock reminiscent of Patagonian ice formations, bring your most creative aid skills.

Scott “Plaid” Peterson started climbing in 2004 at 42 years old. He is now 57 and is not done yet. He’s not a super athlete, just a mere mortal and enjoys the process as much as the pure climbing. He’s more interested in the adventure and the story than just checking off the tick list. Scott is currently the Technical Gear Rep for Totem Cams USA. Scott’s climbing accomplishments include: First El Capitan route aid solo Zodiac 14 days – 2013; Tempest with team 24 days. Most gear hauled up El Capitan – 2015; First Ascent “Line In The Sand” – Cottontail Tower – Fisher Towers – Utah 2017; Second solo ascent Blood and Coin 35 days all together. 27 Days on The Wall – 2018; Second ascent solo Horns of Jericho – Jericho Wall Yosemite 2019 over 30 days on the Wall.thumbnail_image4






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