OT -Cache Creek Wilderness Run videos

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OT -Cache Creek Wilderness Run videos

Postby jibmaster » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:30 am

17 miles
5 hours

First time with the helmet cam on the river. Was dealing with a new mounting system that apparently has an annoying rattling sound. That'll be fixed for next time.
For now - mute and some of your own music maybe?'
...however, the dialog can be quite entertaining.

I just got the waterproof case for my HD Contour. Been skiing and mt. biking with it, but haven't used it on the river yet.

I wasn't using the HD to record. It only has 30 minutes of HD on the stock memory card.
So I switched it to SD (standard def.) which provides me 1 hour of video.
I just turned it on and almost forgot about it.

The video was turned on at 2.5 hours into the paddle.
-took a break...
and recorded the next 30-or-so minutes.
We then had the next 2 hours to ourselves...

Nothing too exciting, but if you've never seen the Cache Creek Wilderness Run, it's pretty cool. I love this run. Lovely scenery.
Takes awhile and you just keep floatin' down the river.
A great way to spend the day. The rapids are Class II with one or two Class III rapids. Mellow. It's a relaxing run with no stress.

Saw a Bald Eagle. If you do this run in the winter, you'll see hundreds.

jibC is in the other creek boat with the red helmet.
dwnrivr from boof.com is in the ducky (inflatable).

video 1

video 2
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