More Aliens Fail

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More Aliens Fail

Postby Moji » Wed May 20, 2009 2:08 pm

here's the link to the post on rc by a guy who documents his test of Aliens out at New River

I took my pull tester along down to the New River Rendezvous over the weekend to do some fundraising for NRAC by way breaking things in exchange for donations. Among the things I broke were a pair of Aliens- a Red that was found by Tigerlilly a while back and a Purple that I bought off a guy on MountainProject a couple months ago when he was thinning his rack a bit.

Both of them failed well below their rated strengths.

If you have Aliens that have not been proof tested, please, PLEASE stop climbing on them until you can get them tested. CCH has been notified of these failures by both phone and email and I also sent all of my pictures and data on this to them in advance of its publishing here, however I have not been able to get an official statement from them regarding this. It is now up to CCH to take ownership of this issue and begin investigating these failures.

Here are the details: ... ead#unread
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